Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Rufus Evison's Books

I have decided to start serialising some of the manuscripts I have lying around. The first one will be my book on Becoming a Father.

When my wife and I were considering trying for a child I went out to buy a book on it. There are literally thousands of books for women on becoming a mother. I could only find five for men. Of these five four were written by men with the clear intent of reassuring the man that it was alright and they were not going to end up buried in nappies with no social life for ever more. They had a fair amount of blokish humour and no real facts. They all assumed that the man had only one part to play in the process and that it was good fun and took place at the beginning of the pregnancy.

The fifth book was written by a woman and explained that from a man's point of view there was only one role available. That role was to look after the woman. I understand that this is important, but as a man it is not the be all and end all of becoming a father.

All of the books assumed that the woman was already pregnant. As there are many things a man can do before conception that affect any subsequent baby as well as the chances of conception this seemed a bad thing. My reaction, fairly predictably, was to go out and look at the original research and understand what I was thinking of getting myself into. I had an idea about the longer term effects having helped to raise my younger brother, but I did not know the financial considerations, nor more importantly the pre-birth and pre-conception considerations.

After I had researched this I was fishing around for something to write and my wife suggested I write the research up as a book for men. I did this, and have since had it used by a great many people as it is actually full of useful information. It is not polished, and at some point I should get around to sorting it out for publication. In the meantime, as it is something that ought to be available it makes sense to put it on a blog of its own. If it gets any comments that will be useful for me to improve it; if it doesn't it will do no harm.

Rufus Evison

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